Conquer land and water

At DAT we believe water is no longer an obstacle on your way. Quite the reverse, water will take you to unexplored areas! DAT designs and manufactures amphibious concepts. We produce ultramodern amphibious vehicles for tourism, private and public transportation. Combining safety and the latest technology with cool design and looks. The vehicles comply with all European regulations for road and water transport.


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How it all began

The idea of having an amphibious bus as a tourist attraction in Rotterdam was the beginning of an adventure in which four entrepreneurs decided to pioneer their ambitions. The ultimate tour by land and water with a SPLASH in the river as the highlight! A highly dynamic and complicated, but also an extremely exciting development process started. After a lot of hard work and perseverance the dream has been realised.

Amphibus & Amphicruiser

After years of development the first Amphibus was delivered to Splashtours Rotterdam. They sold the first tickets for their unique amphibious tours in 2011. Our amphibious bus remains in full operation and has proven a great success. Meanwhile the Amphibus concept was rolled out to Amsterdam, Lübeck and Porto. Commissioned by Samsung South Korea DAT designed an amphibious SUV. This was the basis for the Amphicruiser. An amphibious off-road vehicle that can be used as an adventure vehicle and work vehicle to go off the beaten track and even cross deep waters.


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Road and water approved

DAT vehicles comply with all European regulations for road and water transport. Certified by TÜV and Lloyds Register. So there are no restrictions compared to road vehicles and vessels. In the most parts of the world the European certifications are sufficient.